Synthetic Tile Installation and Repair

close-up of a tile roof

A Modern Take on a Classic Choice

When most people think of roofing tiles, they imagine the classic clay or concrete tiles that have been used for centuries. However, there is now a synthetic option that is becoming increasingly popular. Synthetic roof tiles are made of plastic and rubber materials, and they are designed to look like traditional roofing tiles. They can offer a number of benefits including their aesthetic appeal as well as their overall affordability, especially when compared to classic roof tiles. If you’re interested in synthetic tile installation in Mobile, AL or you’ve found yourself in need of repairs for a synthetic tile roof, the JD Titan Roofing team can be there to help. Call 251-930-1408 to schedule your service.

Why Choose Synthetic Tile Installation?

Perhaps the most notable advantage of synthetic tile installation is its affordability when compared to similar options. Classic roofing tiles can be quite expensive in comparison, which makes synthetic tiles a more popular choice among many homeowners. However, they still have the same appearance as well as many of the same benefits, including:

  • Aesthetic appeal: One of the main reasons people choose synthetic roof tiles is for their appearance. These tiles are designed to look just like classic clay or concrete tiles.
  • Variety of styles: In addition to their visual appeal, synthetic roof tiles also come in many different styles and colors, making it easy to find an option that’s just right for your home.
  • Protection: Synthetic roof tiles can offer protection from the elements just like any other type of roofing tile. They can help to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and they can also help to protect your home from damage caused by wind, rain, and hail.

If you’re interested in synthetic tile installation for your home, or you’ve found yourself in need of synthetic tile repair, our team can be there for you.

We’re Ready for Your Call

We offer synthetic tile installation in Mobile, AL and the surrounding areas along with synthetic tile repair. This is in addition to the various other roofing materials we can help with, including classic Spanish tile roofing, traditional choices such as asphalt shingle roofing, and various others. Give us a call at 251-930-1408 to schedule your service.