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FORTIFIED Roofing in Mobile, AL 

When severe weather strikes, FORTIFIED Roofing keeps the wind and rain out, which consequently can prevent a lot of damage. No matter what type of roof you have – shingles, metal, or tile – FORTIFIED Roof requirements will certainly make your home stronger. JD Titan Roofing is a certified Fortified Professional. Save money on your insurance premiums by getting a Fortified Roof! Your Fortified Certificate is renewed every 5 years and additionally attaches to the property. Also, this is a great selling point should you sell your home.

JD Titan Roofing is Your Fortified Professional

How do you know when it’s time to replace your roof?  Sun and moisture can wreak havoc on your home, and over time these everyday elements are hurting the effectiveness of your roof covering. Our research shows metal roofs last a bit longer than asphalt shingle roofs, but severe weather can eventually accelerate the aging of any roof material. Fortified Roofing in Mobile AL is a great benefit to property owners.

A stronger roofing project is generally one of the costliest repair projects that a homeowner will undertake in their time with a home. Your Fortified Roof will be evaluated by a third-party evaluator before certification is sent. You will present this certificate to your carrier for your discounts.

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Stronger Roofing in Mobile, AL 

You can access a Sample Fortified Certificate here:

Some of the most common signs of needing a Fortified Roof include:  

  • Visible damage to your roof covering or underlayment, specifically following high winds, a downed tree, or severe weather 
  • Deteriorated flashings – squirrels especially love eating lead flashings!
  • Evidence of interior leaking and/or water-stained ceilings 

For those with shingled roofs: 

  • Shingles that are missing, cupped, or curled 
  • Shingles with blisters and shown asphalt  
  • Large areas of missing granules 

JD Titan Roofing has been installing Fortified Roofing in Mobile, AL for several years with great results.