Fortified Roof Requirements


Fortified Roof Requirements dictate that certain building practices be followed. These practices strengthen your home’s ability to withstand storms and high winds. Make sure your roofer is certified as a Fortified Professional or Roofer. JD Titan Roofing has hundreds of satisfied Fortified Customers who enjoy the peace of mind of having a Fortified Roof.

Fortified Certificate

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Lawsuit claims DR Horton homes not built to ‘fortified’ standards

Failure of your roofer to follow the exact standards set by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety can cause your roof to be rejected for Fortified Certification. There has been news of certain builders not following the Fortified Standards in Mobile and Baldwin Counties.

In retrospect, Hire only Licensed, Professional, Certified Fortified Roofing Companies, like JD Titan Roofing. Does it cost more? Yes, initially. But insurance savings make up for the cost within 18 months. Do you get more peace of mind? Most definitely. Your roof is a large investment and you should always choose to have a Fortified Roof Installed.